Artfull Film

Artfull Film is a series of posterzines & cinema screenings that explore the complex, ever-changing relationship between art and film.

Each month, Artfull Film hosts a ticketed event in which art is included, discussed or parodied within the film screened. We also write, design and illustrate a posterzine series (available to buy online and on the night), that accompanies each film event.

In the words of French theorist Jean Mitry, ‘in any film, any image – even the least defined – is found to be loaded already with a certain meaning, even before the basic combinations come along to create eventual signification.’ What we see on screen isn’t reality, but a carefully considered depiction, crafted for the purpose of supporting the storyline and maintaining the world in which it takes place.

Painting and other works of art consistently make an appearance in film, despite the expenses a director makes to feature it. Existing art, that is – art that exists outside the plot of the movie, often comes with it’s own associations. In Skyfall for example, the National Gallery, London is used as background décor for 007’s (Daniel Craig) meeting with Q (Ben Whishaw). In this scene, Turner’s most famous painting, The Fighting Temeraire is used as a catalyst for the character’s interaction with each other.

This is the power of painting used in a completely unique context.


7th May 2017