Blimey! Typeface

“Blimey!” is a typeface inspired by the 1970s Punk movement- paying notice to the political, economical and social issues of the time and how they affected what we commonly refer to as the “Punk Aesthetic”. Ransom note lettering, stencils, silkscreen printing and the appropriation of current cultural imagery aided the movement to deliver its important message of rebellion.
Starting off with the theme “Dangerous”, my focus for this project drifted to the definitions of both “rebellion” and “anarchy”. This naturally led me to the Punk movement and how it’s graphic style has been adopted into contemporary design practice. These graphics were often rough, raw, weathered and distressed- all of which I’ve tried to incorporate into my own type’s design. Ironically, the fact that this “style” is being used for commercial gain goes against the very foundations of Punk itself. This realisation spurred on the font’s name Blimey!, an ironic expression that is perhaps the furthest away from punk itself.

15th July 2016

fontstruct, type specimen, typeface