A Case Study of Jack Fishwick

Jack Fishwick is a taxidermist with over forty years experience in the industry. He has made some of the most magnificent, beautiful birds that the outside world has ever seen. He merges the lines between work which is craftful and work which is artful. He’s not a man who cares about an afterlife, or leaving behind a legacy. He’s a man of extraordinary patience and determination. He’s a man highly attuned when it comes to the comings and goings of the taxidermy industry. Jack Fishwick is a one of a kind taxidermist.


A Case Study of Jack Fishwick is a loose-leaf publication that documents my very own three-day trip to Wigan to visit the taxidermist himself. Readers are encouraged to read through the publication in any order they wish through it’s loose and various formats. If readers wish to read the book in it’s original order, they’ll find each section flows into the next as the book progresses. That said, if readers wish to only read certain parts of the visit, the book can be divided into four sections. These are as follows:


8th April 2017